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PADI ReActivate Program / Skills Refresher Dive

Scuba diver on wall
Many beautiful wall dives
Reef sharks
Reef sharks at Napantao marine sanctuary
Coral reef
Reefs in Sogod Bay are in superb condition
Resort's dive boat
Resort's dive boat ready to depart
Nudibranches are always popular with UW photographers
Coral reef
Sogod Bay has outstanding marine diversity
Pygmy seahorse
Experienced dive guides help find the smallest of creatures
Scuba diver on reef
Quiet dive sites make for relaxed diving
Lion fish
Lion fish are always spectacular

If you haven't been diving for a while, and wish to brush up on your basic skills before joining a guided diving excursion, the PADI ReActivate Program is highly recommended. The program consists of two sections: knowledge review and in-water skills refresher with a maximum of just 2 participants.

Purchase the knowledge review directly from PADI and work through it at home. When you arrive at the resort our PADI Scuba Instructor will determine which skills to focus on during the skills refresher dive. On successful completion of both the knowledge review and skills refresher dive, you will receive a replacement certification card. You may also undertake a Skills Refresher Dive, under the tuition of our instructor, without enrolling in the ReActivate Program, in which case no certification card will be issued.

Prices, Including Tanks & Weights
Skills Refresher Dive Php 2,350 per person
Equipment Rental Php 800 per day
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